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Kristen and Billy call B.C. home now, but they returned to High River for their wedding this weekend. Kristen, whose family ranches west of High River, is just the sweetest bride. Her dress was just gorgeous and flowy. Billy and his family are from B.C. and they were treated a down-home Alberta party at the Lynnwood Ranch. […]

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  • Victoria - Adorable wedding!! ReplyCancel

  • Tracy - Such a great wedding! Love all the details and you've photographed it perfectly!! ReplyCancel

  • Emily - LOVE those organic tones – just beautiful!! (Also, how cool is it that their favors were beef jerky?? I'm so in!!) ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Avey - Great pictures. I love all of the details shots. Lovely wedding. ReplyCancel

  • Ashley | Ashley + David Photography - This is such a gorgeous farm wedding! I'm in love with her dress – so pretty! You did a wonderful job documenting their day! ReplyCancel

  • Chasity Savvy Images - Beautiful wedding, and couple! Great job! ReplyCancel

  • Donna - Beautiful! ReplyCancel

  • Chantal - What a beautiful high river wedding!!! Just stunning!! ReplyCancel

  • Alex - Beautiful photos! I love how in love they look! Those florals are gorgeous, too! ReplyCancel

  • harshita - Beautiful wedding…you are definitely one of the best Okotoks wedding photographer :) ReplyCancel

  • mbarbeau - beautiful photos, love all the details! ReplyCancel

  • Cari - What beautiful wedding photos! Great Okotoks photographer! ReplyCancel

  • Kelly - I love the portraits in the leaves! Beautiful couple!! ReplyCancel

  • wani - very pretty :-) ReplyCancel

  • Mirranda - Beautiful wedding, and wonderful photos, I enjoyed all of the detail shots. They are going to cherish these! ReplyCancel

  • Katie - AMAZING Okotoks photographer!!! Your work is just stunning! ReplyCancel

  • Shannon - Wow what a stunning wedding. I love the bride and groom portraits. ReplyCancel

  • lin - You captured the candid moments and the true beauty of love! ReplyCancel

  • Tosha - Beautiful wedding photography! You did an amazing job with this wedding! I love all of the details photos too! ReplyCancel

  • Jama - These images are stunning! You are an amazing Okotoks photographer. I love the portraits of the couple. Great job. ReplyCancel

  • Mindy - Such a lovely wedding in Alberta. I just love her bouquet. ReplyCancel

  • kzambrano - These are wonderful, what a lovely wedding ReplyCancel

  • Laci Frazier - What BEAUTIFUL wedding!! You nailed capturing their big day. ReplyCancel

  • Monica - Beautiful wedding… gorgeous Bride!! LOVE all the moments captured! ReplyCancel

  • Pink Sugar - Beautiful Wedding.. gorgeous bride!!! ReplyCancel

  • colleenblecher - What a beautiful wedding! And I love all the emotion you captured from the kissing, to the tears of joy and the baby crying! You are the best Okotoks Photographer and I love seeing all your amazing photos! ReplyCancel

This is the third time I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Millard Family over the years. Beau just gets cuter (and more grown-up) every time I see him. This time, I was able to meet baby Quinn for the first time. She’s the spitting image of her big brother. He just adores her – […]

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  • Corey - Nice family portraits! Love the one of the siblings! ReplyCancel

  • Ale Garcia - Very nice work! I agree with Jeff, love the image in the bridge! ;) ReplyCancel

  • Payal - Pretty family photo session :) ReplyCancel

  • Jeff - I love the image of them standing on the bridge with their reflection in the water, very nice! ReplyCancel

  • Sara - Beautiful! I especially love the shot that shows their reflection in the water. :) ReplyCancel

  • churla - Beautiful family photos in Calgary! I adore the image of the little ones in front of the water. So precious!! ReplyCancel

I first met Liz when I sat at a desk across from her asking for a mortgage for the house we wanted to buy. I had no idea what she did after hours. Now I know. She sculpts her body. And, she looks amazing. We met at the K32 gym in Nanton (where she works […]

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  • Radek Fotogrupa - Wow! Strong and attractive. You captured her so well. Nicely done :) ReplyCancel

  • Mary Yan-Berges - Love this series! Fantastic lighting skills!ReplyCancel

  • Mandi Pol - Wow! She really is inspiring. I bet she is absolutely thrilled with your work! You are an amazingly talented Calgary photographer. ReplyCancel

  • Brooke - Beautiful fitness photography! What an asset to Calgary! ReplyCancel

  • Kelley Spurlock - Wow! What fantastic fitness portraits! Such a talented Calgary photographer! ReplyCancel

  • amanda myers - Wow, you're a great Calgary photographer! ReplyCancel

  • suri - Great fitness session by Calgary photographer. Awesome job!! ReplyCancel

  • Lauren - Fah-ah-bulous! Beautiful body, and yes a work of art. Lovely light, photography perfection there in Calgary. ReplyCancel

  • Esther Edith - Great portrait photography! Calgary is lucky to have such a talented photographer!! ReplyCancel

  • Sam Sunderwirth - Lori is an amazing Calgary photographer! Great job on the lighting. ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - Hi from KC to Calgary! What a beautiful subject and gorgeous fitness portraits! ReplyCancel

  • Courtney - Love the lighting in these Calgary photos! Amazing! ReplyCancel

  • Laci Frazier - So awesome! I love how fit she is and still being sexy & beautiful. Confident women are AWESOME! Great captures! ReplyCancel

  • Lori Creech Loree - Testing to see if this worksReplyCancel

  • Brenden - The lighting on the first image is amazing. She looks strong and beautiful. ReplyCancel

  • churla - Great fitness portraits! She looks great! ReplyCancel

  • Connie Mintz Photography - wow, She's in such great condition and your Calgary photos really show it off! ReplyCancel

  • Corey - Awesome Calgary fitness portraits! ReplyCancel

  • Mary Anne - Wow – amazing images – fabulous lighting that shows her definition! Brilliant work. ReplyCancel

  • Shannon - What great images and inspiration! That is a lot of hard work and she should be proud of that body! You have beautifully showcased her hard work and are one talented Calgary photographer! ReplyCancel

  • Billie - WOW! What amazing images. I especially love the full body with the dumbbell in her right hand. Gorgeous! I know exactly who I would call if I'm ever looking for a Calgary photographer. ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Eiban - What a fun session! Love that she did this and showed off her rockin bod! Great job! Calgary is lucky to have a photographer like you!! ReplyCancel

  • Jeff - Wow, great images and a gorgeous model for sure. Beautiful work!ReplyCancel

I was pretty excited to meet the Conlin Family. First of all, Jessica is a very active member of the Progressive Conservative Party and I couldn’t wait to engage in some political prodding back and forth. I’m a die-hard Wildrose Party supporter so Jessica and I have a few differences politically. Then, as we got into […]

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  • Tim Lloyd - Lovely family. Nice smiles! ReplyCancel

  • Shannon Bunton - beautiful family, lovley session.ReplyCancel

  • Chasity Savvy Images - What a cute family! I love that mom's shirt matches her little man's cast. ;-) ReplyCancel

  • Arica - Beautiful family! You did a great job showcasing their personalities and style. ReplyCancel

When the bride comes from a family of seven children and the groom was in a rock ‘n roll band – you know their wedding is going to be awesome. Amanda and Curtis’ wedding was lively, full of families and kids with a real sense of having “their people” surrounding them on their wedding day. […]

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  • Eden - Awesome memories to have of their special day! ReplyCancel

  • Corey - Beautiful wedding! This Calgary couple must be so happy with their wedding photography! ReplyCancel

  • Mary Anne - Lovely images! ReplyCancel

  • mbarbeau - beautiful Calgary wedding photos…i love all the emotion you captured! ReplyCancel

  • naturallyphotography - What a lovely wedding! You did a gorgeous job! My fave is the reception- EPIC. :) ReplyCancel

  • Ale Garcia - I love the pictures! This Valgary wedding photographer does an amazing job! :) ReplyCancel

I first met Chantel and Ryan a couple of years ago. I’ve photographed their family and finally yesterday – photographed their wedding. For the first time in the four years I’ve been a wedding photographer, I had rain during portraits. We were expecting this and had an amazing indoor location lined up. The Saskatoon Farm […]

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  • chantal - Awwe how cute are they! I love shooting at the Saskatoon farm! Just such a stunning location ReplyCancel

  • Giselle - I'm in awe of your talent. These are amazing. Best Calgary wedding photographer! ReplyCancel

  • Payal Patel - What a chic wedding. Love the bride's haircut! ReplyCancel

  • luvbeanphoto - beautiful wedding! Calgary brides best be lining up to snag you as their wedding photographer! ReplyCancel

  • S. Rochelle - Okotos has an amazing photographer in you! And I love her pixie hair-cut! ReplyCancel

  • tccba - Okay…that greenhouse in Saskatoon is such a perfect back-up plan for rainy weddings! A great wedding photographer will know what to do to capture great images in the rain, and you have proven that. What a beautiful wedding! ReplyCancel

  • gatineauphotog - These gorgeous wedding photos really make me want to get my portraits taken in a greenhouse too! That farm in Saskatoon is beautiful. ReplyCancel

  • Esther Edith - Beautiful wedding photography! Calgary is blessed to have your amazing talent! ReplyCancel

  • Ale Garcia - Such a beautiful wedding! As a photographer you have done a great job capturing an special moment like this one! Congrats! ReplyCancel

  • SugaShoc Photography - Gorgeous wedding photos! I love all the detail shots and the venue is so lovely! ReplyCancel

  • Laci Frazier - I'm absolutely in love with these wedding photos. You captured their personalities perfectly and this is the exact type of wedding album people should look at if they want to see a couple in LOVE & having their big day exactly how they live their lives. Amazing photography! ReplyCancel

  • Patricia Knight - Congratulations to Chantel & Ryan. Loved the pop of color when she revealed her shoes! ReplyCancel

  • Jenna Michelle - These Calgary wedding photos are gorgeous and you really rocked it even with the rain! This couple is so lucky to have you to be their Calgary Wedding Photographer! ReplyCancel

  • michellemorganphotography2014 - Crystal Ridge Golf course was a beautiful spot for a wedding. ReplyCancel

  • melissa - I love how you were able to capture the moodiness of the weather in these beautiful wedding photos! Gorgeous! ReplyCancel

  • Kathy - This is one of the most unique and beautiful weddings I have ever seen! Calgary has one amazing wedding photographer! ReplyCancel

  • Corey - Fantastic wedding photography! Love your style so much. The Saskatoon Farm looks like the perfect touch to your images and this Calgary couple must be thrilled! ReplyCancel

  • Eden - Gorgeous wedding photos! I love all the detail shots of the green house garden! ReplyCancel

  • Ale Garcia - This Calgary wedding photographer has done an amazing job capturing so much love! ReplyCancel

  • wendy atkins - I can just feel the love from these wedding photos! Beautiful Calgary backdrop and absolutely gorgeous photography. ReplyCancel

  • Jama - Wow!! You are an amazing Calgary wedding photographer. These images are breathtaking, and her shoes, seriously to die for. What a beautiful wedding couple. ReplyCancel

  • Arica - What an inspiring idea for an indoor wedding location! I love the greenhouse. Absolutely stunning wedding photography! Well done. ReplyCancel

  • Cari - Beautiful images- great wedding photography! ReplyCancel

  • somniophoto - What an amazing wedding venue. I would love to get married on a farm! ReplyCancel

  • Marianne - I love the greenery and their first look, beautiful work! ReplyCancel

  • somniophoto - What an amazing wedding venue. I would love to get married on a farm! Looks like this was a super fun wedding to photograph and you did AMAZING! I especially love the brides bright pink shoes and the fun interaction between the couple. ReplyCancel

  • kzambrano - Awesome photos I loved the ones on the couch, beautiful ReplyCancel

  • Laura Clouse - WOW! You have a gift and it truly shows! Calgary is lucky to have you as a wedding photographer! ReplyCancel

  • Mary Anne - These are such beautiful wedding photographs. A little rain in Calgary couldn't spoil this affair. I really like how you portrayed both their romantic side and their fun side. Lovely job! ReplyCancel

  • Beloved Love - I am in love with the brides shoes! what a beautiful wedding ReplyCancel

  • dawnpotter - This bride is absolutely gorgeous! Love the way you've captured the details and emotion of their special wedding day. Calgary has a very talented wedding photographer! ReplyCancel

  • Courtney - Love these wedding photos! Calgary is lucky to have a wedding photographer like you! ReplyCancel

Headshots are a little like a visual resume. How you look, is sometimes how you are perceived at a first glance. Having a professional headshot is imperative for everyone that is in business. Lee came to me for a variety of head shots. He needed one that would work for his family’s cattle business, one for […]

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  • Giselle - These headshots look great, you have a great variety in there! ReplyCancel

  • Chasity Savvy Images - You're completely right about them being a visual resume! Good job on these, you're an awesome Calgary Head Shot Photographer!! ReplyCancel

  • Alex - These are great headshots and a great reminder that I need to get some done, too!! I wish you lived closer! ReplyCancel

  • Cherlyn - What a great variety in headshots even though its still the same person and pose but changing up the outfit really does change the mood and presentation! Great job on these professional headshots. ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Weems - You are so right, head shots are a very important first impression. Well said. ReplyCancel

  • fearian889 - Excellent headshots! ReplyCancel

  • kzambrano - Great Headshots ReplyCancel

  • Payal Patel - Great portraits! ReplyCancel

I met Jennifer and Gerard at the Strathmore Bridal Fair nearly two years ago. They were newly engaged and excited about the wedding planning ahead of them. Jennifer is from Saskatchewan and Gerald, from Nova Scotia and they make Strathmore home together. They are both the sweetest people, that make the perfect couple. We did […]

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  • Alexia Garcia - i looove your wedding photography! You are such a talented Calgary wedding photographer! Keep up the great work! <3ReplyCancel

  • Esther Edith - I seriously LOVE your style of wedding photography!! The location in Alberta is so perfect, and you captured this amazing day so well. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful photography. :) ReplyCancel

  • harshita - Beautiful Wedding pictures and such gorgeous couple :) ReplyCancel

  • Nicola - Once again you have blown me away with your wedding photography! You captured Jennifer and Gerard's day perfectly and have given them stunning photographs to relive their special day through. What a wonderful gift you have! ReplyCancel

  • tccba - Gorgeous Alberta wedding! The details are stunning, and you captured everything perfectly! You captured the whole wedding day story…the emotion, the participants, the action… I am sure Calgary brides and grooms call you first for their wedding photography needs! ReplyCancel

  • bailey fox - Clean, contemporary yet classic wedding photography, you have a gift. ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Sweetman - Oh my goodness – this is the most beautiful wedding photography I have ever seen. That location in Alberta was so gorgeous and really set the scene for these beautiful pictures. I loved your attention to the smallest details that this bride obviously put into her special day. Looking through the images made me feel the love they have for each other. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all. ReplyCancel

  • Carmen - Amazing wedding images! So much emotion. Beautiful capture of the day ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - Stunning images! I love the way you captured their love, fantastic job! ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Eiban - What a STUNNING wedding! I cannot even choose a favorite! She is such a beautiful bride and it looks like they choose the perfect Calgary location for their wedding! You did such a great job on capturing their special day! Thanks so much for sharing!! ReplyCancel

  • MichelleFlowers Photography - What a fantastic wedding story you have told to everyone through your photograph's! Just stunning! ReplyCancel

  • Sonya Davis Photography - Love your wedding photography ReplyCancel

  • Patty - you captured this wedding beautifully. Great job!! ReplyCancel

  • Wynona - I love love love these! Amazing Calgary Wedding Photographer! I love the look, the color and all combine together. It's such a nice blend. <3 ReplyCancel

  • Anna - Stunning wedding photography done by a wedding photographer in Strathmore ReplyCancel

  • Kate - Absolutely beautiful wedding photography! Wish we lived closer to Alberta! Congratulations to the couple – they will be blessed for a lifetime with the photos you captured. ReplyCancel

  • Conchita Medel - Beautiful wedding and such a cute engagement! How fun! I love the portraits of the bride and groom by the water, absolutely gorgeous! ReplyCancel

  • lin - So much love in this story! You did such a great job! ReplyCancel

  • thbweddingphotography - Love the puppy and the emotions! Such great images, Calgary is blessed to have you! ReplyCancel

  • Giselle - These are just beautiful and every detail you capture was so special. I love the topper the bride used for the cake, very unique.
    You are am amazing Strathmore weddign photographer! ReplyCancel

  • Micah Nelson - Love love all the emotions captured! From the pup with pearls (in my top 5 favs from this day) and that adorable old couple dancing! Such a beautiful Bride and Groom! You are very talented! ReplyCancel

  • Nick Rose - These are amazing Lori. Love the way you have told their story..really beautiful wedding photography! ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - You're a great wedding photographer in Strathmore. I love the emotion and fun in all the images. Nice job ReplyCancel

  • Corey - What a gorgeous calgary wedding! Beautiful photography. I love all the details and the one with e umbrellas is too cute! ReplyCancel

  • Shannon Dickson - Beautiful images of this Strathmore couple who I am sure will treasure these for generations. ReplyCancel

  • Laura Carlson - Stunning wedding photography! ReplyCancel

  • deanna - This bride lucked out when she found you at the Strathmore Bridal Fair! I love your vintage photography style, it looks like you shot film instead of digital. So gorgeous~ ReplyCancel

  • forstnerphotography - Lori! I am convinced that I need to visit you soon! I love your photos more and more each time I see them! Great work on this amazing Strathmore wedding and for capturing some awesome photos! ReplyCancel

  • Kristen - Wow! Gorgeous colors and what an amazing wedding photographer you are!ReplyCancel

  • gwen - You are just the most amazing Strathmore wedding photographer! I love following all of your photography work! Thank you for posting and I can’t wait to see more this year! ReplyCancel

Minnie and Dale had a beautiful backyard wedding on their Okotoks property. It came complete with chickens, goats, horses, donkeys, dogs and a cat. It was pretty awesome. I love photographing small weddings because of the intimacy that surrounds them. It’s personal and special.  

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  • Chasity Savvy Images - Such a charming Okotoks backyard wedding! Great work on their beautiful photos! ReplyCancel

  • amandareid888 - what a gorgeous day and beautiful photos to match! great job! ReplyCancel

  • Steph - Your work is absolutely stunning!! Your couple must be thrilled with how you’ve captured their day!!ReplyCancel

  • Arica - These are so genuine! Very beautiful to see real emotions and happiness. ReplyCancel

  • Nick - Looks like a great day! ReplyCancel

  • idaliaphotography - What a beautiful and unique wedding! Best wishes to the happy couple!! Lovely images! ReplyCancel

  • Conchita Medel - Awe, they are so cute! Lovely wedding, loved all the animals! ReplyCancel

  • gwen - Oh how sweet… I love country weddings like this… and that image of them hugging you can just see the LOVE… great job!! ReplyCancel

  • patricia - awesome wedding great images and compositions you got very special moments … great ! ReplyCancel

  • forstnerphotography - So simply yet to so wonderful! You captured their day splendidly!! Great work! ReplyCancel

  • Libby - Intimate weddings are the best! And the chickens, love the chickens. ReplyCancel

  • aandcphotovideo - awesome pictures!!! ReplyCancel

  • Hannah Nielsen - I love how casual and fun this wedding seems! She looked beautiful. Nice work! ReplyCancel

  • rebekkaanne - So many beautiful images!! What a beautifully documented wedding. ReplyCancel

  • naturallyphotography - What a beautiful, truly one of a kind wedding! Fantastic job. ReplyCancel

  • Laura Carlson - What a unique location! Beautiful photos! ReplyCancel

  • sarah borchgrevink - What a beautiful Okotoks wedding! Fantastic wedding photography!!! ReplyCancel

  • Mary Anne - I love the simple beauty of this wedding. The setting on this picturesque farm in okotoks is just lovely. Beautiful wedding photography as always! ReplyCancel

Tagen and Russ met by being Scrabble players……then Russ moved to Canada from England to be with Tagen. It’s such a sweet story that is fitting for such a great couple. I know Tagen’s family from calling Nanton home. Meeting Russ’ family that came over from the Queen’s country – you see how amazing his […]

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  • Art Weddings - Of course, a wedding dress might be quick or maybe long with respect to the form of wedding service you are acquiring in addition to wherever you intend with acquiring this. There exists a incredibly simple rule in terms of choosing the ideal wedding gown length, and it is to base your current costume length on what formal this wedding service can be.

  • Corey - Beautiful Calgary wedding photography! Love their style! ReplyCancel

  • S. Rochelle - You captured the very essence of their wedding! What a cool couple, may their marriage be as awesome as they are! Calgary is lucky to have you as a wedding photographer Loree! ReplyCancel

  • wendy - Nice to see something a bit different from all the other weddings. Looks like ti was a lot of fun. ReplyCancel

  • Emilee - I love their style! That dress is adorable, too. OHGOSH, they're all so stylish! ReplyCancel

  • kzambrano - well this is a kinda different wedding look for me never though about dressing like this so simple but yet so lovely, wonderful photos ReplyCancel

  • forstnerphotography - Every wedding you post that I view makes me love you more and more! Seriously, Calgary needs to be closer to Chesterfield, VA so I could work with you and have your also photograph my family. Great work! Can't wait to see your next post :-) ReplyCancel

  • Mary Anne - Amazing. Love all of the detail shots. You are the best Calgary wedding photographer!! ReplyCancel

  • Olga - What a fun wedding day! Love the original wedding dress… beautiful moment capturing! ReplyCancel

  • Tagen - Such an amazing day! Thank you Lori for capturing everything so beautifully! xoReplyCancel

Okanagan wedding photographers Sierra and Spencer were married in the perfect location….at her family’s home on the water in Winfield, B.C. near Kelowna. It was gorgeous and we were so honoured to be their Okanagan wedding photographers.  This backdrop was amazing for two people who met several years ago in University and have traveled the world […]

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